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ElderCare Financial provides Daily Money Management financial services.

  • Professionally managed bill payment services based on subscription.  No need to worry about missed or late payments resulting in utility cut off, late fees, or credit rating damage.
  • Personal and professional services for managing the financial independence of the elderly, the disabled, and their care givers.  We recognize that sometimes a little help is needed to help an individual maintain their independence yet keep their financial affairs in order.
  • Convenient Streamlined, secure, and well organized sign up process.  We pride ourselves in keeping all of the activities with ElderCare Financial's services easy to understand and use.
  • Professional management We utilize proven technologies and industry relationships.  We partner with only the best in the industry to provide safe, secure services that will be here for you today, and tomorrow!
  • Information is accessible to subscribers via a toll free customer service number during normal business hours and via the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through industry leading secure web access.


Daily Money Management CapabilitiesChecking account check book

Secure Checking Accounts

ElderCare Financial provides secure checking accounts for management of the payment of your bills.  No invoices will be paid if they are not part of the subscription without first receiving approval from the subscriber.    We utilize fraud detection processes to monitor all activities on the account including validation of vendors.  There are no surprises if the Daily Money Management of your accounts occurs through ElderCare financial.


Extensive reporting capabilities including on-line access, and depending on your subscription, monthly mailing of printed reports, monthly reports via e-mail, and/or monthly compact disk mailings.  Reports can be made available to whomever the subscriber feels should receive them.  Family members can monitor account activity if authorized by the subscriber.   Annual reports may be useful as an aid to tax return preparation.

Archival of Data

All bills and payments managed by ElderCare Financial are kept electronically and can be provided upon request for up to 10 years from the time of payment for active subscribers.  This information can be very helpful in payment disputes with vendors and for estate management where insurance payments or deposits that have been paid need to be researched.

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ElderCare Financial, LLC provides you and your loved ones peace of mind, convenience, and security of professional daily money management for maintenance of your financial affairs.  We're in the business of "helping you help them".

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