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ElderCare Financial to Offer Financial Management Services On Line

Web based convenience in a secure environment

June 14, 2005 -- ElderCare Financial, LLC has launched its on-line presence at ECFin.com.  This site provides information about the financial management services provided by the company, as well as information on how to contact company representatives to begin service.  ElderCare Financial offers varying service levels for the payment of bills, fraud detection, and extensive reporting to assist caregivers with the management of loved one's day-to-day financial responsibilities.

Daily Money Management is an area of increasing interest to those who either help other individuals with their financial responsibilities or find the process and time required to administer this process for themselves to be a burden.  ElderCare Financial's mission is "Helping you help them" and is a part of everything the company does.

The company specializes in providing its subscribers with a complete solution to managing the payment of bills for those who may have difficulty in managing their own financial affairs due to age, disability, or lack of time.  The ability to manage the timely submission of payments, detection and notification of potential fraudulent payment activity prior to payment, and the in-depth reporting of activity to the subscriber provides each subscriber with increased peace of mind.

ElderCare Financial, LLC teams with major financial industry companies to provide the best security and service levels available for its subscribers.

For More Information Contact:

ElderCare Financial, LLC
1934 Old Gallows Road, Suite 350, Vienna, VA 22182

Phone: 703-286-7321
FAX: 703-286-5081
Internet: info@ecfin.com

ElderCare Financial, LLC provides you and your loved ones peace of mind, convenience, and security of professional daily money management for maintenance of your financial affairs.  We're in the business of "helping you help them".

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